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“Attack of the Esses” – VicDrift Practice Day – April 2014

Welcome to ZeroClearance! We’re back again bringing you coverage of the Victorian Drift Club’s practice days at Winton Raceway. As many of you may have already seen, we’ve already posted two huge Facebook albums full of action shots from the day. With that being said, if anyone wants to request edits or high res copies of any images you see on there, shoot us a message on our Facebook (by far the easiest way to contact us) and we’ll help you out as much as we can. The Practice day! Was a great success in my eyes, with the weather […]

VicDrift – Championship Round 1 – 2014

Welcome to ZeroClearance! We’ve been busy lately, with meets, drift days and our own commitments, so it isn’t every day that we can sit back and take a breath, but, we enjoy every bit of it! A few weeks ago, as you may or may not already know, we attended the VicDrift Practice day at Calder Park, we took loads of photos and an official video of the day, which can be found here (http://zeroclearance.net/vicdrift-run-the-wall-calder-practice-2014/). We received a lot of replies and thanks for the coverage of the day, and even more so when we released the video. We’re over […]

VicDrift – “Run the Wall” – Calder Practice – 2014

Welcome to ZeroClearance! We’re back in the world of drifting! ZeroClearance has become official VicDrift Media, with ZC taking over the official video’s which will cover all the practice days that happen throughout 2014 ! Saturday marked the first day of the two day weekend at Calder Park, with the VicDrift Championship Round 1 to kick off the on the Sunday morning, most of the drivers used Saturday to get some much needed practice and technical work in, making sure their cars were up to scratch and ready to compete the next day. Being there all day, we were blessed […]

Melbourne Car Meets – Mini Meet #7

Welcome to ZeroClearance! I (Adam) attended the Melbourne Car Meets Mini Meet #7! This afternoon / evening. This is one of the fastest turnarounds we’ve had in terms of photos and editing, thanks to our new approach to the way we write up and display our ‘Meet’ articles. I hope everyone enjoys the way we do things now! The meet was well organized, with everyone knowing where and when to meet, even having a secondary spot, 30 seconds away from the first in case the weather started to turn sour, for me, personally this made the meet worthwhile. The second […]

Silvia’s Owners – Northside Kebabs

Welcome to ZeroClearance! We’d like to kick off our coverage of the Silvia Owners Kebab Meet, which was on the Northside of Melbourne, at Kebab Box in Campbellfield. With a huge S-Chassis gathering, if you brought a Nissan down you would have felt right at home. Not only was there Nissans, but a variety of other Japanese and Euro cars that were attendance, it’s good to see that everyone and anyone thats apart of the scene will come to look at admire other people’s hard work and efforts. The Silvia Owners are usually at this spot once a week so […]