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“Run The Wall #3” – VicDrift Practice Day

Welcome to ZeroClearance! Another month, another drift day! Attending the recent Run the wall #3 at Calder Park raceway, we endured the cold weather to produce quality coverage for your viewing pleasure. I’ve chosen some of the best shots for the day, but if you don’t see your car don’t stress, shoot us a message on the Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/ZeroClearance.net) and we’ll get back to you as soon as humainly possible! Video coming soon! Enjoy the shots!  

Meguiar’s MotorEx – Pre Show Shoot

Welcome to ZeroClearance! We had the pleasure of attending a small Pre Show Photoshoot, in anticipation of this coming weekend, which will be Melbourne’s first Meguiar’s MotorEx car show. For all the details and information visit http://www.motorex.com.au/ or their Facebook page @ https://www.facebook.com/MeguiarsMotorEx. We at ZC will be covering the whole weekend to the best of our ability, showcasing the best cars of the weekend and bringing the best content to everyone who follows! There’ll be more to come! Enjoy!

MCM – Mini Meet #12

Welcome to ZeroClearance! We’re here to bring you another installment of Melbourne Car Meets, Mini Meet. These events just keep growing larger every time there is another one on, it’s becoming one of the biggest Jap and Euro collection we’ve ever seen. With all the rules set in stone and a large presence of people policing how people move about the car park it is obvious how these events grew so large. We hope the events get bigger and better in the near future and we certainly look forward to attending. Enjoy the coverage! Photo Credit: Hannah Lopez  

Melbourne Car Meets: Mini Meet #11

Welcome to ZeroClearance! Last week we attended Melbourne Car Meets: Mini Meet #11, we can assure you, that there was nothing mini about this! It was in Melbourne’s outer city at the docklands cosco multi-level carpark. It was good to see good behaviour at a meet this size, with the police only parading through. Enjoy the coverage!

Roadking Chassis VicDrift Championship – Round 2 – Calder Park Raceway

Welcome to ZeroClearance! We’re back again with another instalment of VicDrifts Drift Championship. With round one only a few weeks ago. We had the chance once again to go trackside to shoot all the action up close while it unfolded in front of our eyes. With most of the drivers that competed in round 1, returning for a second opportunity we saw some new drivers entering the competition. We also had the pleasure of shooting with our friend at Exit Velocity, with their photos, also part of our coverage below. Be sure to the check them out @ https://www.facebook.com/ExitVelocity. Like […]

“Run the Wall #2” – VicDrift Practice – Calder Park

Welcome to ZeroClearance! We’re back again with another VicDrift Practice day at Calder Park. We’ve been busy with these days having attended every single one for the year, and will continue to do so for the rest of the drift season. We’ve seen it all this year, with a huge amount of new drivers hitting the track for the first time this year, a variety of talent, cars and weather conditions. It’s been a good ride and we’re prepared to see the year out, bringing the best coverage we possibly can. Not long ago, we released the raw album on […]

ADGP 2014 – Round 4 – Day 2

Welcome to ZeroClearance! I’m sure a most of you know, ADGP came to host their final round of the 2014 season in Melbourne’s own Calder Park Raceway. This is the second installment of our ongoing coverage of the weekend, with the practice sessions of the weekend happening on the Saturday, you can find the coverage for the Saturday here (http://zeroclearance.net/adgp-2014-round-4-day-1/). We attended the Sunday hoping that the weather was on our side, and to our surprise, it was. We arrived with a completely dry track, very little wind and the sun in our faces, so it was a much welcomed […]

ADGP 2014 – Round 4 – Day 1

Welcome to ZeroClearance! We had the pleasure of attending ADGP round 4, which was conveniently located at Calder Park Raceway in Victoria. When we arrived at the track bright and early Saturday morning, we were greeted with a calm sunshine that filled the ThunderDome with warmth and light. I took this opportunity to walk around the pits and check out some of the competition. There was everything from 2J’s to built  4U-GSE’s (look it up :)), so it was amping up to be an amazing weekend already. ADGP is broken up into two tiers, State, and National, the state section […]